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Magic Bullet Mojo is a plug-in that warms up highlights and cools off shadows in video footage. This color correction creates a visual look that is popular in today's films, and adds punch and a modern look to any image or video clip. In addition, there are simple controls for making the image warmer or cooler, adding contrast and bleaching, or adding saturation to any shot. Mojo adds a blue-green tone to the background of footage, while offsetting that shift by adding a warm hue to the subject's skin tones. Done subtly, this look preserves and even enhances skin tones, creating a pleasing color balance where people are "warmed up" while backgrounds are "cooled off." Lately it has become common to see this look pushed to an extreme in films such as Terminator Salvation and Transformers 2. Mojo also includes three special controls that aim to preserve and enhance skin tones with a minimum of fuss. It's a terrific look that can be created with larger, expensive color packages and a bunch of tweaked settings. We figured there should be a simpler way to do this, and that's how Magic Bullet Mojo was born.

Systems: Windows

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